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Swipesum provides payments support across all industries.

Swipesum finds solutions for nearly every business they are partnered with. The following case studies are a mere glimpse into the work that Swipesum consultants have done to help business save money and put their energy towards more worthwhile endeavors.

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Our case studies

We're turning every banker, every agent, every employee into a merchant expert.

Staitment can accurately read all lines of any merchant statement in less than 1.5 seconds. The industry average to turn around a statement analysis is 6 business days.

4 years

Our patent-pending algorithm and OCR technology have been in development since 2016.

We don't sell on price and that's why we license Staitment. For us, the digital sales proposals and ability for our enterprise reps to earn new business in a single meeting make this software a must have.

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