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We are independent payments consultants sourcing your company the best solutions at the best pricing, and then we stay onboard to monitor the health of your accounts.
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Gain full insights into what a perfect solution could be by utilizing Swipesum's consultants, software, and network.

Swipesum eliminates most credit card processing fees, finding your business the best payments solution at the most favorable terms. We offer consulting services that specialize in every aspect of your payments experience, not just the processor. Ranging from industry education to contract negotiation, Swipesum is always on your side.

Working with Swipesum will also automatically give your company access to reduced-cost wholesale transaction rates, and our AI-powered statement reading software. Our goal is to bring transparency to your financial decisions.

Payments Optimization

Eliminate most fees associated with credit card processing.

Businesses across every industry are overpaying for credit card processing. Advising over a hundred enterprise clients has trained Swipesum consultants to recognize red flags across processor relationships, contract negotiations, and pricing structure. Our statement reading software will instantly verify interchange and all negotiable fees. All you need to do is book a free consultation, and we'll show you how to optimize payments.


Merchant Statement Audit

Contract Negotiation Assistance

Interchange Optimization

Advanced Solutions Due Diligence

RFP's Management

Post Setup Account Monitoring

Chargeback & Miscellaneous Fee Monitoring

On average, we reduce card processing fees by


The payments industry is confusing. Contact a Swipesum consultant to analyze your next payment processing statement for free.

Vendor Evaluation

There are over 5,000 payments solutions in North America alone

Swipesum has built an extensive network of payments providers and financial institutions so our clients never have to go through a contract negotiation alone. Compare your processor relationship against 70+ providers to get the most competitive rates for your business.


Processor Due Diligence

Advanced Requirements Experts

Software & Hardware Experience


RFP's Management

Analytics & Monitoring

Interchange Optimization


Immense network of curated providers

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Payment Consulting

Swipesum is your fractional Chief Payments Officer.

How it works: We start with a preliminary consultation where we ask questions about your business and learn as much about your goals as possible. Then, we'll provide you with a proposal outlining potential vendor solutions, an audit of your statements, and present our cost comparison findings to you. We'll show you what a perfect setup could look like, and then if you give us the green light we will do all of the work making it a reality.


Vendor and Solutions Due Diligence

Contract Redlining

Software Integrations
Hardware Programming and Setup
Automated Statement Audits
Account Monitoring & Customer Service
Interchange Optimization

In 2020 we analyzed transactions totaling over


In short, the payment processing fees you're being charged add up. Contact a Swipesum expert today for a free consultation.

chargebacks & security

We will be your merchant advocate.

A dedicated Swipesum support team will protect your business from chargebacks, fraud, and risks by handling disputes before they reach your processor. We are here to help you.

Merchant Statement Audit
Recurring Payments
Fees Optimization
RFP's Management
Analytics & Monitoring

Receive proposals from top payment industry vendors

Our exclusive credit card processing audit examines every detail of your merchant statement.

Our Expertise

We’re here to help your business save money.

Each Swipesum consultant has years of experience when it comes to negotiating fees, analyzing effective rates, and communicating with payments companies. We've advised companies across a diverse range of industries, from Saas to Non-Profits to B2Gs. While every solution is unique, Swipesum's ultimate goal is to save your business as much money on payments processing as possible.

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