Frequently Asked Questions

Do I sign a contract with Swipesum?

You will not sign a contract with Swipesum directly. All of the contracts you sign will be between your company and the merchant services provider with whom Swipesum will assist in setting you up.

What does the process look like if I want to switch payments providers?

The process begins with a consultation between you and a Swipesum consultant to get a grasp on what you are looking to change about your payments processing contract. This initial meeting is completely free, as is the resulting proposal from a Swipesum expert.

How does Swipesum make money?

Swipesum's services are completely free. Swipesum makes money directly from the payments processing companies depending on the volume that we bring to the processors on Swipesum's platform.

Do you have the ability to accept different currencies?

Yes, Swipesum has the ability to accept different currencies. This will depend on the processor and way your business is accepting credit cards, but it is certainly doable.

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