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Swipesum combines industry knowledge, innovative software technology, and dedicated customer service to optimize your business’ card processing.

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion in card processing. The industry tends to obscure pricing while building the appearance of inflexibility and exclusivity into their services. All of this confusion serves to take control and transparency out of your hands. SwipeSum is here to return the power to you.

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Swipesum approach

Swipesum is your outsourced Chief Payments Officer.



During a free, hour-long consultation, we'll learn about your current provider, how you accept payments, and your desired outcomes from a Swipesum analysis of your monthly credit card processing statements. Examples of desired outcomes range from implementing fraud filters to lowering interchange rates.


Proposal Presentation

After the initial free consultation, our payments experts will source your company with the top three solution providers, as well as a comparison of three pre-negotiated pricing options for your business. We can practically guarantee better rates for your business.


Solution Implementation

Swipesum will help negotiate payment agreements, navigate the underwriting process, and assist with integrations. Whatever you need, we will be there to make sure the transition is smooth.


Ongoing Support

After we've implemented and gone live with your new solution, Swipesum offers paid consulting services at an hourly rate. 

Our services

Swipesum services deliver transparency and value to our clients.

Swipesum benefits

Implementing new payment solutions with Swipesum is simple.

Dedicated customer support team

Our customer support team is ready to guide you through any question you might have regarding your business. Rather than waiting on hold with your payments processor, contact our customer support experts with any and all concerns.

Solutions catered to your business' needs

Swipesum consultants are experts in almost every industry. In addition to finding your desired solution, they search for the optimal solution that you may not have initially seen.

Quick turnaround times

As the creators of their own statement reading software, Swipesum takes a process that generally takes between 3 and 21 days and completes it instantly.

Straightforward solution proposals

Our experts create proposals for you based off of findings they've found and findings identified by our statement reading software. Swipesum consultants generate proposals in a matter of days at no cost to you or your business.

Growing network of partners

Swipesum partners with payments processing companies to find you the best rates and negotiate your credit card processing bills. Additionally, Swipesum's list of clients continues to grow on the local, national, and international scale.


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