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We're your outsourced chief payments officer

Optimize payments flow, increase recurring revenue, grow your software company's business worldwide.


Results you can rely on


We've analyzed over 50 million transactions—and counting. Swipesum consultants are experts when it comes to payment processing statement analysis.


We are experts in over 45 areas of the payments industry, ranging from PCI Compliance, software integrations, payment facilitation, merchant statement analysis, point of sale software and 40 more.

Swipesum felt authentic... Their mission is to genuinely help businesses save money without the hassle and they focus on transparency in pricing. Swipesum saved us about $20,000 annually, which freed up capital that allowed us to invest in things for our business that actually matter.

Amy LoVecchio
Jord Inc., Smile Brilliant Ventures, Formulate Labs
How it works for your clients

Swipesum combines industry knowledge, forward thinking innovation, and dedicated customer service to provide a solution that will optimize your business’ card processing.

We begin each with a solutions consultation.

Swipesum learns how the referral merchant accepts payments, their current provider, and desired outcomes.

Swipesum quickly delivers a custom proposal with multiple solutions, and optimal rates.

We typically source the top 3 solution providers for each unique business setup, and pre-negotiate pricing for an easy buying experience.

We help clients fully adopt a new solution.

Most payments providers help merchants until an agreement is signed, and then merchants are on their own. At Swipesum we help negotiate agreements, navigate the underwriting process, and assist with any integrations necessary to fully adopt a new solution. 

To your clients, we're their outsourced Chief Payments Officer.

We offer ongoing customer service and a long list of consulting services to ensure the best solution and cost-savings for your clients. To learn more, contact Swipesum today!

Our services

Swipesum increases the profits from your merchant services offering while delivering transparency and value to your clients.


Meet someone from our partnerships team to see if working together makes sense.

We will schedule a quick consultation call to go over how you're currently handling merchant services at your bank, show you our menu of options, and plan for a successful launch.

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