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We're a straightforward company with one ultimate goal: to save businesses money on credit card processing.


With access to our processor network and proprietary statement reading software, Swipesum solutions integrate seamlessly into any business' payments arrangment.


At Swipesum, our unmatched support teams will walk merchants through every step of a solution implementation. We're outsourced Chief Payments Officer.


As a growing company, Swipesum experts understand that a payments solution needs to be flexible enough to scale with your business.


Swipesum is scaling fast from its roots in St. Louis.

In 2016, a group of payments technology experts identified a broken system and a new opportunity. The payments industry is a complex space filled with misinformation. Hundreds of providers obscure their pricing structure in order to build an appearance of inflexibility and exclusivity into their services. All of this confusion takes control away from businesses. Swipesum was founded in order to return the power to businesses of all sizes.

data-driven solutions

We built the software that powers the payments industry.

In 2020, Swipesum introduced our proprietary software, Staitment. This tool will instantly analyze any processing statement and create digital cost-comparison sales proposals within minutes.

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our future
$100 Million

By late 2021, Swipesum is on track to save companies $100 million. With our expert payments consultants coupled with our revolutionary statement reading software, Swipesum can quickly and efficiently identify unnecessary fees and rates.

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Our exclusive credit card processing audit examines every detail of your merchant statement.

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The Swipesum team functions on communication and candidness. Whether you're in Marketing, Sales, or Software Development, you are never on your own and your teammates are here to help.

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