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Discover the best credit card processing solution for your unique business and eliminate most fees associated with accepting payments.

We are your Chief Payments Officer.

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In 2023, Swipesum has already consulted payments volumes totaling over


We serve all business types from Fortune 500 companies, to small businesses.

Payments Optimization

After a quick consultation, we deliver a proposal outlining the best payments solution at no cost.

The research required to find the best solution for your unique business can take months, and merchants do not have the upper hand in negotiations. Swipesum solved that. We prove that we're the experts by sourcing the best payments solutions for you, and help pre-negotiate the most favorable terms for free.

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Swipesum approach

Swipesum combines industry knowledge, proprietary software technology, technical engineers, and dedicated customer service to full manage your payments.

We help to navigate the payments industry, like a pro.

With over 5,000 registered payments companies in North America alone, it can take months to source the ideal solution for your unique business. Swipesum eliminates middle-man and resellers, taking you direct to the best solution in no time.

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The industry uses our software to audit merchant services statements.

Experts at Swipesum leverage our proprietary software, Staitment, to audit monthly merchant services statements. Leveraging AI we can verify and audit every line on a statement in seconds. We will see if interchange is correctly billed, and identify fixed and negotiable rates. We then significantly reduce the costs of accepting payments.

Our in-house software engineers will help integrate or build your solution.

Whether you have a technical team or not, you can leverage our in-house technical talent to launch your new solution. We often build custom solutions, integrate hardware, and accelerate the go-live process.

Swipesum helps manage your business' future.

If you read our reviews you will clearly see that we have top tier support, it is the largest Team within our company. You will know your Account Manager by name, and we pick up the phone when you call. With access to all of our partners support teams we will solve your issues while you continue your normal workload.

Our services

Swipesum increases the profits from your merchant services offering while delivering transparency and value to your clients.

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Our goal
$100 Million

Swipesum is on track to save companies $100 million. Between our team of payments consultants and revolutionary statement reading software, Swipesum can quickly and efficiently identify unnecessary fees and rates.

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Industry Expertise

Chances are... We have done it before, and do it every day.

No matter the industry we have experience. We work with banks & Fintechs, Franchisors and Franchisees, large and small businesses.

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Meet one of our payments experts to see if working together makes sense.

We will schedule a quick consultation call to go over how you're currently handling merchant services, and present a proposal at no cost.

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Results you can rely on


In 2023 we surpassed consulting for over $10.7B in processing volume —and counting. Swipesum consultants are experts when it comes to payment processing statement analysis.


Founded in 2016 by industry experts, we have grown quickly landing on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list in 2023.

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Swipesum's platform is genius. Helping business with reliable, efficient ways to save money via the best credit card payment processing rate significantly eases the stress and burden of business owners.

Marketing Manager
Saint Louis Bank
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From negotiating lower rates to helping you switch payment providers, Swipesum will be there with you every step of the way.

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Catered specifically for your business

We will source the best solution for your business' needs, whether you specifically outlined them for us or our experts identified them. Swipesum consultants are trained in nearly any industry, so your business will be in the best hands.

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Dedicated customer support team

Our customer support team is ready to help you through any step of the process. Reaching out to a Swipesum representative will prompt a timely response from a real person--no need to wait on hold with your processor.

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Speed and precision

At Swipesum, we pride ourselves in delivering data-driven solutions. Our proprietary software, Staitment, assists our team in instant statement readings and analysis. Our fast turnaround times give us a competitive edge over processing companies.


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