The Secret To Getting The Best Payment Processing Deal On Shopify

In 2018, more ecommerce stores are hosted on Shopify than not. The site’s broad array of functionalities and integrations has made it the closest thing to a one-size-fits all solution in the ecommerce platform market.

In 2018, more ecommerce stores are hosted on Shopify than not. The site’s broad array of functionalities and integrations has made it the closest thing to a one-size-fits all solution in the ecommerce platform market. But the overabundance of options can be tough to navigate, and it’s easy to end up overpaying for your payment processing provider. In fact, payment processing is the second-highest expense for business owners, only second to labor.

On Shopify, merchants have two primary options: They can either activate Shopify Payments, the built-in payments option, or they can select from any number of third-party providers. Shopify Payments charges monthly fees, as well as taking 30 cents plus a percentage of every transaction. It’s easy, but it’s also one of the most costly options. For most merchants, the best option lies in switching to a third party processor.

Entrepreneurs on Shopify aren’t just choosing between payment processors, though. To connect their Shopify storefront to the payment processor, merchants must also select a payment gateway. Shopify currently connects to over 40 major gateways, and each of those gateways can connect to hundreds of processors. Merchants are hit with fees every step of the way, so it’s difficult to find the combination of gateways and processors that keeps the most money in the merchant’s pocket.

For an entrepreneur, the nitty-gritty of comparing price-per-transaction rates, credit card processing fees, and the cost of your payment gateway can easily become a time-suck you can’t afford. To find your best option, reach out to each of Shopify’s supported gateways to find the cheapest rate, then do the same with every processor that integrates into your selected gateway. You'll be left with thousands of potential options to choose from. Making the choice is as simple as narrowing down those thousands of options to just one.

Frustrated and feeling overwhelmed by the process, many entrepreneurs end up making their decision with the flip of a coin. You wouldn’t flip a coin when making a new hire or choosing a supplier, so why should you treat your payment processor any differently? SwipeSum wants to help.

SwipeSum exists for one reason: To make it easier to save money on payment processing, while also saving entrepreneurs time and unnecessary stress.

Here’s how it works: As a new client, you’ll be led through an online consultation. Once the site knows your needs, Swipesum’s technology will curate a list of viable credit card processing companies and gateways for your business. But that’s not all. Once they’ve found the most compatible providers for your business, Swipesum uses that information to create competition between them. That’s right—your business becomes the commodity, stirring up a bidding war and driving down price, so you can really, truly find the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

Once they’ve found the lowest bid, SwipeSum will work with you to seamlessly integrate the gateway and processor into your Shopify storefront. The best part of it all? It’s totally free.

Yes, you read it right: Your consultation, rate negotiation, and integration assistance are always free—no strings attached. You can keep looking for the catch, but there really isn’t one. If you’re wondering what Swipesum gets out of it, well, that’s no secret. If your experience with Swipesum is a positive one, you have the option to sign up for a membership with them to receive ongoing benefits and protection for your new business. Not only will they guarantee software consulting, chargeback protection, and quarterly audits, they’ll do so without any hidden fees or pernicious fine print.

Shopify is king of the ecommerce world, and for good reason. Their platform has given so many entrepreneurs the opportunity to create and grow their businesses with ease. But, for merchants who are hoping to reduce the cost of their transactions, looking to external processors might be the best bet. SwipeSum enables merchants to search out money-saving options without lifting a finger or shelling out a dollar.

Swipesum Team

Swipesum Team

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