Understanding Common Card Processing Fees & Rates

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This Swipesum Webinar explains how to identify common card processing fees and rates versus hidden and non-disclosed fees that can appear on your monthly statement.

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Swipesum Webinar 2020 Payment Processing Trends offers the latest changes in how consumers are making payments and which channels are being used. Learn about business solutions to meet new consumer demands.

Join us for this Swipesum Webinar and learn about trends and changes in the way consumers are making payments. Find out how payment processing has shifted during COVID-19 and potential solutions to help businesses increase payment collection. Get key take-a-ways to leverage payment processing trends for successful business operations.

What is Swipesum?

Swipesum's technology allows any business to find a better processing solution for their existing business model. With Swipesum, you can compare options from a network of more than 70 payment providers instantaneously. Our specialties are enterprise merchant accounts and integrated payment systems for independent software vendors, but we serve businesses of all sizes and industries.

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August 27, 2020 1:30 PM
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