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Discover the best credit card processing solution for your unique business and eliminate most fees associated with accepting payments.

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Dedicated Solutions Architects & Account Managers

Our experts will work with you to identify the best solutions for your unique business, and walk through any questions you might have. Every account is paired with an Account Manager for white glove support.

Solutions Catered to Your Business' Needs

In addition to finding your desired solution, we will help get it implemented, and then monitor your payments.

What should you expect?

Let us answer questions you have about payments, providers, your current setup, and cost-reduction. After the consultation we will prepare a proposal outlining the best solutions for your unique business, and help eliminate most fees associated with accepting payments.

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Swipesum approach

Swipesum combines industry knowledge, forward thinking innovation, and dedicated customer service to provide a solution that will optimize your business’ card processing.

A solution built for your unique business.

With over 5,000 registered payments companies in North America alone, it can take months to source the ideal solution for your unique business. Swipesum eliminates middle-man and resellers, taking you direct to the best solution in no time.

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Our proprietary software and experts will audit your current statements and reduce costs.

Leveraging our software platform, Staitment, our AI will audit your statements in seconds identifying areas for improvement.

In-house software engineers can help guide or build your payments solution.

Efficiently go-live with help from our technical team.

White-glove customer support.

From your first interaction with Swipesum you will have a dedicated Account Manager to fully manage customer support for your account.