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Swipesum is a group of payments experts assisting with Deskworks Payments. We are a payments agency (not a payment processor) and will be handling all onboarding, equipment shipments, and ongoing customer support to make the transition to savings as easy as possible.

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"The reason that I switched was the PCI Compliance process is so much easier. I hated the hundreds of questions (that I really did not know the answer to) required to be PCI compliant with my previous vendor. Swipesum provided me with video instructions for a PCI questionnaire that was manageable. The whole process took me only a few minutes. My bookkeeper loves the dashboard, and integration with Service Titan was seamless."
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"Support is very prompt, friendly and with a positive attitude. My AM is my GO-TO Person for anything related to Credit Card processing. Thanks, Swipesum!"
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"I have worked with three individuals from Swipesum thus far and each experience has been top notch.  They respond very quickly, are very knowledgeable and are a pleasure to communicate with.  Great job Swipesum team!"
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We've helped hundreds of Neighborly Franchisees reduce card processing fees by


The payments industry is confusing on purpose, which is why our proprietary auditing software and payments experts work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What's does this process look like?
After filling out the application, Swipesum will assist in moving it through underwriting and getting your account set up. Our support will call you with questions and go-live instructions.
What's the best way to get a hold of support?
We're sitting by the phones during normal business hours, please give us a call (844) 356-9905. You can also email us at
What about pricing?
We have set pricing through Deskworks, and don't have additional fees outside of that.
Does Swipesum charge anything?
Deskworks users will not pay Swipesum for any of our services.
Can I refer a friend?
Absolutely, and Swipesum will find a way to reward you for the business.
Directly contact Swipesum's Customer Success Team | 844-356-9905

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